Our Story

It all started in 2018 when we were looking for a reasonably priced camera mount for our skydiving helmets…. and there were none! So we said “F%@# it, we’ll make one”! That’s where the story of Fish Mounts begins.

Since then we’ve been creating mounts for the budget conscious skydiver without sacrificing quality. Our goal is to create products that meet skydiver’s needs without bleeding their wallet. We know skydiving costs enough as it is and we are here to help.

Fish Mounts produces beautiful products for beautiful skydivers.

We want to give our customers useful, sexy and affordable products. Most of all, we want to give skydivers the tools they need at a price they can afford.


The story continues to evolve in 2020 as we grow and begin offering skydive apparel and gifts for skydivers. Our new offerings include shirts, socks, mugs and more! The idea to expand came with the realization that most skydiving focused merchandise is… well.. sub par at best. We hope to provide our sky family with products they love to use and wear proudly!


We at Fish Mounts hope you find our products and our service to be to notch at all levels and are honored that you’d take the time to browse our inventory. If you find product you love, let us know! We would love to hear from you.