Why Skydive After the Rush has Faded?

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Why Skydive After the Rush has Faded?

Why Skydive After the Rush has Faded?

We all know why we got into the sport, the harder question to answer is: What do you want to get out of it? One of my favorite things to explain to tandem students is the fact that you just lose the adrenaline rush after jumping frequently. They always seem so shocked by this statement. They can’t wrap their head around the fact that you become numb to the fear of launching yourself out of an aircraft. How can that be normalized? It’s fascinating to reflect on, and in a way, a nice reminder of what it feels like when you go up on your first load after not jumping for weeks. Your blood starts pumping and a hint of anxiety fills you when you aren’t so current but it quickly fades after getting out of the plane and into the wind. It’s funny that at least for me, the anxiety only exists on the ride to altitude. The next question the tandem students typically ask is even more special, “So if it becomes boring why do you do it?” Ahhh, there it is. There is so much to unpack in this question but usually I’ll respond with something like, “It’s still plenty of fun without the adrenaline rush. People don’t realize that skydiving is more like a sport and there’s so much growth you can achieve within it.” This is a truly oversimplified answer though. 

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Most jumper’s idea of where they are going in the sport is totally fluid. One day you may decide that you want to work in the sport when up until then, you said you would never throw drogues (in fear of becoming a burnt-out skydiver). Maybe you’ll want to pursue wingsuiting when before you thought that people were crazy for wanting to put on weird looking straitjackets. Or perhaps you’ll feel a desire to start swooping, when you swore up and down you wouldn’t and would tell yourself and others, “No, I love my legs and don’t want them to be made out of titanium.” There are many different avenues we can focus our attention on and our goals are ever changing in ways we’d never imagined. 

While yes, some people simply skydive just to have a good time and keep coming back for the camaraderie, most skydivers who stick around want to grow within the sport. I’ve been saying from the beginning of my skydiving journey that I just want to be able to join any jump that I want to be a part of. The idea of being a jack of all trades but a master of none. I haven’t felt compelled to be the best in any category but I’d love to participate in them all. It is hard as a young skydiver to see a group mocking up a jump that you don’t have the skills for yet. There are two sensations that wash over you- frustration at your lack of ability and hope that one day you’ll be a part of that group. My goal is very broad, so how do I organize my goals when there are so many of them? The key thus far has been setting small realistic goals. For this last season, I gave myself the task of learning how to back track to the point where I can successfully lead a small track dive on my back. Seemed realistic enough. Halfway through the season, I got heavy into wanting to do angles and decided I wanted to slowly get into swooping. Oh boy,

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A Parachute and It’s Pilot and got coaching on getting comfortable with my front risers up high and working it down to coming in on my fronts on final. The point here is that you can set small goals for different parts of your skydive to maximize your efforts toward your goals. If you hone in on one skill for the different segments of your time in the sky as I did, (freefall, break off, canopy) you

So what goal are you trying to reach in skydiving and how are you working to get there? Be proactive and if you can, find someone who will hold you accountable. Leave us a comment below for what you are working on!


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  • Caleb

    I didn’t think I would stay in skydiving after I got my A license. I was worried id get bored with it, and I was totally wrong. I’ve been in the sport for a few years now and I’m starting to learn to wing suit. Weird how much our opinions/goals can change.

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