Team MagnifiSENT

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Team MagnifiSENT

This lovely group of ladies is doing something really amazing in the skydiving community. They are setting a ton of records across the United States! We had the pleasure of meeting this group for the first time at Chattanooga Skydiving Company and watched them in action. I even jumped in on some of the attempts made in Tennessee and Georgia. These women realized there is a huge lack of women’s head-up records across the nation and they have made it their goal to travel to these locations and either set or break them, in hopes to inspire another group to come in right behind them and break their record. I will tell you from my first-hand experience, it definitely pushed me to want to set some records myself! Which is exactly what their movement's purpose is all about. In Georgia, after the women set the record there, we decided to try for the combined men/women's head-up record. The men felt compelled by what the group was doing and wanted in on the action too. Unfortunately, we didn’t get it in the one attempt we had, but we plan on trying again next weekend at Skydive Georgia’s Halloween Oogie Woogie Boogie. Also, if you haven’t heard yet, they are doing $15 jump tickets for their new FAT Friday event! Yes, that's right $15 full-altitude lift tickets out of the Otter. The very first one will be taking place October 30th, 2020 to kick off a killer weekend of skydiving. On top of the discounted tickets, organizers will also be out there building group skills in all disciplines and at all levels! Not to mention, a balloon on standby all weekend.

    I’m happy to report that Team MagnifiSENT’s movement seems to be working. Ladies, if you are looking for some positive women to look up to in the Mock Up Skydive Women's Head Up Record Close Up sport, here is an awesome group. I’m happy to report that Team MagnifiSENT’s movement seems to be working. I only knew one person on this team until last weekend and I’m so pleased to have had the opportunity to meet all these wonderful women. They come from all across the map, so if you see one of these colorful jerseys walking around your dropzone, don’t be afraid to go up and strike a conversation or ask for a jump. We did a couple podcast interviews with some of these ladies, so if you are curious to learn more check out our new Skydive Live podcast on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, or here on the website. Their group has a Facebook page and Instagram account if you want to keep up with their adventures or follow the girls individually.

To see what your state records are, look at USPA’s website: and here is a quick view of state record largest formation rules. You can view Chapter 3 of the Skydiver’s Competition Manual to see the rules in their  entirety:  

  • Formation skydiving, largest formation: Minimum size of four (4) 

  • For large formation records, a written plan of the jump and list of participants, including names and USPA membership numbers, must be submitted to each authorized official (see §2.9.2) prior to the jump. The formation must be completed as planned (“grip perfect,” but need not be slot-name specific). Only a single written plan may be submitted for each attempt. 

  • State records must be certified and signed by two authorized officials, as follows: 

    • Authorized officials include USPA-rated judges, the local S&TA, a USPA board member or headquarters 
    • staff member, and in some cases, the pilot. 
    • Discipline-specific records (for example, canopy formation, formation skydiving, wingsuit flying) must be certified by at least one judge rated in the applicable discipline. For disciplines judged by video or data analysis, the judge does not need to be physically present during the record attempt
    • Fees effective March 1, 2020: Individual- $50/Team- $100


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