Skydiving is My Therapy

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Skydiving is My Therapy

We could use a little bit of therapy.

Or a lot..depending on the day. Especially rolling into the winter months, when it starts to get colder and the skies aren􏰀t so blue􏰁. For some people that means talking your problems out with someone, others maybe its petting a dog, or drinking tequila. We believe in skydiving therapy. Sometimes you have to just get in the car and drive down to Florida for the weekend and chase the sunshine. Whatever it takes to get your therapy session in. Blue skies are out there and we will find them!

Skydiving is so much more than jumping out of a perfectly good airplane.􏰁

It􏰀s a place to learn, grow, and make new friends that become a close-knit family. It􏰀s unlike anything else you will ever experience. Which is why us sky stoked wierdos keep coming back to do it again. For 60 seconds you get to completely forget about everything else going on in your life􏰁 There􏰀s no drama or negativity􏰁 You don􏰀t have to think about bills or the stresses of life that consume your mind most of the day. We skydivers get to enjoy complete freedom, surrounded by some of our favorite people on the planet􏰁 Who wouldn􏰀t want to sign up for a skydiving therapy session?

You􏰀’ll know skydiving is your therapy when your non-skydiving friends quit asking you what you're doing for the weekend. They already know the answer. When you are addicted to the sport􏰂 there􏰀s nothing else out there that can compare􏰁 What else would you do on a beautiful Sunday? Sit in front of a tv and watch a football game? I think not! Sundays are for skydiving. Good thing your new community couldn􏰀t imagine being anywhere else but the dropzoneeither. Hopefully your significant other understands. If not, then they will learn quickly.

We all got into the sport for a reason. For most, we fell in love with the feeling of that first jump􏰁 Then got to the ground and said􏰂 􏰃I want to do that again􏰄􏰅 So we did􏰁 Then rinsed and repeated those same steps􏰁 It didn􏰀t take long for us to realize that skydiving was going to be part of our life now. We were hooked on the feeling of freefall and being the pilot under canopy- in control over our destiny. You can feel your self-confidence rise along with your desire to grow and be better. This is who we are now. Skydivers. Who would􏰀ve thought that one decision to do a tandem and check off a bucket-list item would completely transform your life? Sometimes we present ourselves with life􏰀s best surprises􏰁 Cheers to giving yourself the opportunity. Keep jumping your beautiful faces off and treat yourself! You earned it.


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