Exploring New Dropzones

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Exploring New Dropzones

We try to get out of our little bubble of always jumping at our home dropzone. It can be comforting to have your home base but we believe that it is important to go check out other places. Why? Because that is half of the skydiving experience! Meeting new amazing people and seeing new sights. It can be so easy to get caught up in staying in our comfort zone, jumping with the same people, at the same place. If you start working in the sport there is an expectation for you to be there on top of that. It is so important though to make time to go see new dz’s. We encourage all to go to boogies or just change things up on a random weekend and jam somewhere different. Maybe it's even the dropzone that’s closest to your home spot that you’ve never been to. There’s always a small sense of rivalry in dz’s that are close to one another. You will often hear people talking about why they don’t like the other even you know they have never even BEEN THERE! They’ve just heard things about it. A personal favorite is the classic complaint about the landing area being really small at the other dz. I don’t know about you guys but we like to work on accuracy anyways so a small landing area shouldn’t be a huge factor in keeping someone from visiting a new place. Why does this happen? Why should we let other people’s perception dictate ours? The simple answer is: it shouldn’t. Go explore, my friends, and formulate your own opinions. 

Start Skydiving 

We recently traveled from our home in Tennessee to check out Start Skydiving in Middletown, Ohio (5 hours). We went to support friends who were going to celebrate the life of Nick Esposito who had a tragically fatal skydiving accident. His wife Kristina Esposito and many of Nick’s old friends and sky family came out to jump one last time with him. We didn’t know Nick and we had just met Kristina out there but even as a bystander on the ground it was a truly moving experience to witness. This was a reminder to us all to keep your family and friends close and pour out love to them as much as we can. Start Skydiving was very wonderful to us. The regular skydivers out there welcomed us with open arms, from letting us borrow gear to inviting us to Sunday brunch after the weather rolled in. We left there with a strong feeling of wanting to come back and spend more time with the people we had met there. It was another beautiful reminder to us that we should be following that example and be actively making an effort to let newcomers feel welcome when we returned home. Thank you, Start Skydiving, for being so kind to us and being such a positive environment to celebrate the life of our fallen and for traveling skydivers to feel a sense of belonging. If you haven’t been to, don’t just take our word for it, go visit these guys and see for yourself! 

Start Skydiving Kristina

So what’s next on the list?

For us, the Halloween Oogie Woogie Boogie at Skydive Georgia (The Farm) is coming up quick! From October 30th-November 1st they will have Wingsuit Night Jumps, XRW, FreeFlying, Costume Contests, Games, Swoop and Slide, Massage Therapist, and a Lazer Light Show planned. They also have a HOT AIR BALLOON on lock, as well as an Otter, SuperVan, and potentially Helicopter jumps scheduled. We’re stoked to be there for this event and are still dreaming up what costumes to wear. We hope to see you guys there!

Start Skydiving Organizers

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    Love start skydiving! Hope to meet you guys at a boogie soon.

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